“Music is a prayer. The Creator granted us the music to pray without words. Music is a must, as the air to life.”
Vera Kovač Vitkai

About the Competition

Singing competition “Vera Kovač Vitkai” was held for the first time in November 2014 at “Isidor Bajić” Music School in Novi Sad. Honorary member of the jury was prima donna herself, Professor MA Vera Kovač Vitkai.

Competitors can apply at registration page


Executive director
Marta Balaž

Artistic director
Florijan Balaž

Secretary general
László Vitkay – Kucsera

Vesna Coufal Jaić

Finished middle music school, theoretical department and solo singing in the class of prof. Blanka Danon Kurpjel, in Sarajevo. She enrolled and absorbed the Music Academy in the class of prof. Ivo Lhotka Kalinski, graduated in Belgrade from the Academy of Music Arts in the class of prof. Irina Arsikin. She holds a master’s degree from the Zagreb Academy of Music in the class of prof. Snježana Bujanović-Stanislav. She has actively participated and improved in many seminars of Mladen Raukar, Gerhard Zeller, Annemaria Zeller, Vlatka Oršanić, Snježana Bujanović-Stanislav, Olivera Miljaković, Mario Penzar, Dušan Praselj, Davor Ljubić, Garfield Davis, Filipe La.

Since 1987 she has been working at the Franjo Kuhač Music School in Osijek, where she has raised and educated numerous young singers through her pedagogical work, who continued their singing education in Croatia and Europe, and today are recognized international singers (Marko Špehar, Krešimir Stražanac, Goran Cah, Martin Marić, Alen Ruško, Gorana Biondić-Ruško, Kristina Owais,…). Since 1994, she has been a long time member of the jury at regional, national and international competitions and a member of the curriculum proposal team. From 1995 to 2001 she worked at the music department of the Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek, at the course Basic Vocal Techniques.

For many years she has been cooperating with well-known Croatian choirs (Šibenik, Pula, Zagreb, Vinkovci, Osijek, Valpovo,…) with whom she has worked vocal technique.

She has been a member of the HDGU since 2008. As an artist she performs through concert performances in Croatia and abroad (Spain, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina). She especially nurtures the croatian solo song and baroque music. Often performs with famous croatian organists (Ante Knešaurek, Mario Perestegi, Mario Penzar).

In 1999. she was awarded with the Annual Award for her educational achievementsfrom the Croatian Society of Music and Dance Educators and 2011. with the AZOO Award Oscar of Knowledge. In 2011. she was promoted to title of professor mentor, and in 2016. she was promoted to title professor advisor. In international competitions besides membership she also holds a master class. For the 2018/2019 school year she received the award for the 500 most successful educational workers of the Republic of Croatia. In addition to artistic and pedagogical engagement, she is also very active in organizing the cultural life of the environment in which she lives and beyond. She organizes humanitarian concerts and in the 2005/2006 season she was the director of the opera house at the Croatian National Theater.