“Music is a prayer. The Creator granted us the music to pray without words. Music is a must, as the air to life.”
Vera Kovač Vitkai

About the Competition

Singing competition “Vera Kovač Vitkai” was held for the first time in November 2014 at “Isidor Bajić” Music School in Novi Sad. Honorary member of the jury was prima donna herself, Professor MA Vera Kovač Vitkai.

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Executive director
Marta Balaž

Artistic director
Florijan Balaž

Secretary general
László Vitkay – Kucsera

Vera Kovač Vitkai
„ Music is a prayer. The Creator granted us the music to pray without words. Music is a must, as the air to life. Music is a peculiar need that is truly felt when it starts to vanish. Only than a man starts reaching out for it as the drowning person is reaching for salvation. One without the heart is the one who listen to the music by ears. There is no doubt human voice is the most beautiful instrument in the world. Having a beautiful voice and mastering the art of singing is the privilege. Life is easier when you can sing, but a talent is not enough if not accompanied with the hard work, sacrifice and above all - infinite love. The voice itself makes only fifty percent of a singer; the rest belongs to artistic intelligence. Whoever does not develop artistic intelligence remains only a singer and never becomes an artist.“ - Vera Kovač Vitkai


02Mar 2020

Dear competitors, Attached we announce the  SCHEDULE 2020 of the competition. The results will be announced as soon as the category is completed. Please take your diplomas after the results are published. We want you to feel comfortable in our city of Novi Sad and we are at your disposal for any additional questions. The […]

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Malezija Mia, sopran (24.06.1989) – LAUREAT
Fakultet: “University of Music and Visual Arts” Pecs, Mađarska
Klasa: prof. Ilona Tokody

Educational institution: MŠ „Josif Marinković“ Zrenjanin, Srbija
Klasa: prof. Ana Aleksić Šajrer

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Rezultati PREDKATEGORIJA ŽENSKI GLASOVI I1 nagrada (98,4) Pavlović Sara, sopran I2 nagrada (95,6) Kuzmina Marija, sopran II1 nagrada (92) Kolarić Gordana, sopran III1 nagrada (84,6) Milošev Marina, sopran III2 nagrada (82,6) Koljenšić Martina, sopran MUŠKI GLASOVI I1 nagrada (97,8) Padarić Dominik, tenor I2 nagrada (97,2) Andrić Igor, bariton I3 nagrada (97,2) Mijatović Igor, tenor I […]

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